Come shop at the Rupert reception for original gifts with a regional flavor!

Discover a superb range of clothing for adults and children, accompanied by charming little souvenirs. Many of our products are exclusive and in limited quantities so hurry up and come take a look!

You will also find on sale our succulent meals with boreal flavors. Developed by Chef Nat, these gourmet sous-vide meals can be prepared in just a few minutes and are worthy of a good restaurant dinner. Soups, gratin and tender meat meals - all you'll be missing is wine and dessert.

Items are purchased directly on site, at the Rupert reception. Please note that we do not offer an online purchasing service.

Note: Taxes are included in the price of the items below, except for sous-vide meals.


Brook trout t-shirt

30.00 $

Goose t-shirt

29.89 $

Pike t-shirt

30.00 $

Pike t-shirt

30.00 $

Moose t-shirt

30.00 $

Hooded Jacket

74.73 $


Lynx blue camisole

16.67 $

Lynx grey camisole

16.67 $

Walleye t-shirt

29.84 $

Pike t-shirt

29.84 $

Long-sleeved wolf sweater

40.18 $

Long-sleeved lynx sweater

34.49 $

Moose t-shirt

30.00 $

Moose t-shirt

30.00 $

Brook trout t-shirt

30.00 $

Fleece underwear (pants and sweater)

114.92 $



28.74 $


28.74 $


28.74 $


28.74 $

Caribou hoodie

56.00 $

Walleye hoddie

56.00 $

Blue long sleeve shirt

59.79 $

Nibiischii long sleeve shirt

86.17 $

Sherpa blanket

51.74 $

Hooded Jacket

57.43 $

Pyjama pants

63.24 $


5.75 $


18.34 $


20.64 $


35.00 $


Purple t-shirt

16.00 $

Green t-shirt

16.00 $

Woodland caribou t-shirt

33.29 $


25.95 $


36.00 $

Bear blanket

55.00 $

Fox blanket

55.00 $

Rabbit blanket

55.00 $


35.00 $

Jogging pants

25.00 $


Grey stainless steel bottle

28.69 $

Glass cloth

4.50 $


2.00 $

Nibiischii coffee cup

23.00 $

Cutting board

82.78 $

Gray blanket (50x60’’)

48.29 $


Available at the Waconichi reception and the Rupert welcoming office only.


Wild mushroom cream soup
Wild mushroom cream soup$10.00 - 2 servings

Composed of locally gathered wild mushrooms, this cream soup showcases the delicacy of our forests' flavours.

Boreal flavoured cream of corn
Boreal flavoured cream of corn$10.00 - 2 servings

This velvety cream of corn made with pearly everlasting will give you the impression of biting into fresh corn on the cob.

Woodland pho soup
Woodland pho soup$10.00 - 2 servings

Composed of an Asian-inspired stock and delicately flavoured with mushrooms, this soup is excellent with freshly caught fish.

Side dishes

Vegetarian stew
Vegetarian stew$12.99 - 1 serving

A delicious stew brimming with vegetables that with its tofu addition will stick to the ribs. Slowly simmered and impeccably seasoned, it’s perfect as a main meal, and can also be served as a side.

New potatoes confit with local pepper
New potatoes confit with local pepper$8.49 - 1 serving

User-friendliness and refinement all in one bag. Melt-in-the-mouth potatoes delicately flavored with green alder. You’ll keep coming back!

Pearled barley with olives
Pearled barley with olives$5.99 - 1 serving

The crunchy texture of barley paired with sun-drenched olives, all of it punctuated by a touch of boreal spices. A winning combination!

Gourmet vegetarian gratin
Gourmet vegetarian gratin$15.00

An excellent fortifying gratin, flavoured with saffron. An ideal side dish for pan-fried walleye.

Main courses

Wako chicken drumsticks
Wako chicken drumsticks$13.49 - 2 servings

These drumsticks will be an automatic must-eat! Ready in no time at all, slightly sweetened and spiced with a Waconichi-inspired BBQ mix, they’ll be gone in minutes. Either at cocktail hour with a local beer or as a main meal, they’re guaranteed to please.

Flank steak with labrador tea
Flank steak with labrador tea$22.50 - 1 serving

A top-quality flank steak, gently tenderized a in Labrador tea marinade and then seared over high heat. Something worthy of a great bistro, to be enjoyed in the great outdoors!

Pork loin with northern mushrooms
Pork loin with northern mushrooms$16.99 - 1 serving

A mouth-watering loin of pork enfolded in a decadent northern mushroom–flavored sauce. A quick, tasty, comforting meal – just the thing for chilly days spent in the open air!

Beef bourguignon with maître Renard Beer
Beef bourguignon with maître Renard Beer$22.50 - 1 serving

Bites of beef simmered slowly in a rich Maître Renard beer sauce. An explosion of flavor taken a step further with tender vegetables. One taste of this beef bourguignon and you’re hooked!

Grilled poultry breast and garden ratatouille
Grilled poultry breast and garden ratatouille$22.00 - 1 serving

Poultry breast grilled on the BBQ and served in a delicious ratatouille of tomatoes and eggplant. A plate filled with sunshine! Allow 24 hours to defrost.

Beer-flavored beef cheek, maple root vegetables
Beer-flavored beef cheek, maple root vegetables$22.00 - 1 serving

Tender beef cheek flavoured with Maître Renard beer, matched with caramelized root vegetables. A gourmet meal ready in no time at all! Allow 24 hours to defrost.

Pork shanks with beans and chorizo stew
Pork shanks with beans and chorizo stew$20.00 - 1 serving

Perfectly tender pork, accompanied by white beans and chorizo. Just the thing to warm you up after a long day in the open air! Allow 24 hours to defrost.